The Possibility of a Friendica-Based Service

An idea came to mind the oth­er day. I was pon­der­ing small ven­tures I could pos­si­bly spin up, to make a few dol­lars and in the process pro­vide some­thing of val­ue for low cost. The pos­si­bil­i­ty of start­ing a Frien­di­ca-based ser­vice, where­in a user can start their own SSL-secured self-con­tained Frien­di­ca node, via a web-based ser­vice front-end, came to mind.

The goal of this ser­vice would be to pro­vide an inex­pen­sive and easy way, for non-tech­ni­cal indi­vid­u­als to start their own per­son­al Frien­di­ca nodes, com­plete with their own sub­do­main (pos­si­bly their own domain, as a lat­er, more advanced fea­ture) and com­plete SSL protection.

As I talk to peo­ple who are not famil­iar with Frien­di­ca, I notice a recur­ring theme, that they find it inter­est­ing; but get­ting some­thing start­ed is pos­si­bly too con­fus­ing or too tech­ni­cal for them.  I want to offer some­thing that elim­i­nates many of the hur­dles new users would face; things they typ­i­cal­ly don’t want to deal with, while pro­vid­ing them an envi­ron­ment that they can be com­fort­able inter­act­ing in and ful­ly sup­port­ed. Con­tin­ue read­ing “The Pos­si­bil­i­ty of a Frien­di­ca-Based Service”

How to Get Started Freelancing on the Web

If you are a cre­ative, self-moti­vat­ed, crit­i­cal, detail ori­ent­ed indi­vid­ual, who wants to learn how to make a liv­ing designing/developing web­sites and/or web appli­ca­tions, then this video is a good start­ing place for you! You don’t need a whole lot of mon­ey to get start­ed and you don’t nec­es­sar­i­ly even need a degree from the uni­ver­si­ty. What you need comes from the dri­ve in your heart to suc­ceed and per­se­vere; these are qual­i­ties nobody can instill in you besides yourself.

Starting out in the big Wide Web

Speak­er: Anna Deben­ham
Con­fer­ence: Heart and Sole

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As some­body who had a good uni­ver­si­ty edu­ca­tion, I can hon­est­ly say that while it often helps, it is not absolute­ly essen­tial. Aside from the basic pro­gram­ming, math and writ­ing skills I learned at the uni­ver­si­ty; most of the high­ly spe­cial­ized skills I’ve learned have been fig­ured out, either on the job, or on my own time. Almost all of the skills I’ve gained have been due to my own per­se­ver­ance and motivation.

Just going to the uni­ver­si­ty isn’t enough to make you suc­cess­ful, though it can often land you one of those gov­ern­ment jobs where you sit there all day in meet­ings; but who real­ly wants that? Often­times, going to the uni­ver­si­ty can get you into a load of debt; which can lead to a life­time of inter­est payments.

What­ev­er your incli­na­tion, if you do wish to get into pro­fes­sion­al web design/development, it would be wise to con­sid­er get­ting into free­lanc­ing ear­ly on. The more real world expe­ri­ence you have, the more valu­able you will be to your customers.

If you come out of school with­out any real world expe­ri­ence, you may find your­self sur­prised to find out that you have a long way to go before you are ready to do non-aca­d­e­m­ic projects.