Over the last cou­ple of years, I have con­tributed test­ing time, bug fix­es and improve­ments to the Frien­di­ca project when­ev­er I have extra free time. I believe very strong­ly in the promise of decen­tral­iz­ing com­mu­ni­ca­tions on the web and mov­ing away from plat­forms like Face­book to open source and fed­er­at­ed alter­na­tives like Frien­di­ca, which put the user in con­trol of their experience.

Morpheus Mobile Theme

Morpheus Mobile Theme

The Mor­pheus Mobile theme is my first stab at mobile theme devel­op­ment. The theme is based on the Frost Mobile theme.

The goal of the theme is to add a dark theme with a pol­ished look and as many fea­tures as prac­ti­cal, while also being as light­weight as pos­si­ble, to con­serve band­width and improve the expe­ri­ence on mobile devices.

Down­load Lat­est Tar­ball of the Theme (morpheus-mobile.tar.gz)

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