The Paradigm Shift to Accompany The Advent of Cheap Computing

Today, it came to my atten­tion that a LINUX com­put­er, priced between $25–35, is now avail­able. This com­put­er is called the Rasp­ber­ry Pi.

It sure looks like com­put­ing is going to take on a whole new dimen­sion in the com­ing years. No longer are there going to be sig­nif­i­cant finan­cial bar­ri­ers to acqui­si­tion, mean­ing they will be every­where and clus­ters of extreme­ly cheap com­put­ers will add yet anoth­er dimen­sion to cloud computing.

I think this will mean that com­put­er tech­ni­cal skills are going to even­tu­al­ly be syn­ony­mous to lit­er­a­cy. Sure­ly com­put­ers and com­put­ing will con­tin­ue to evolve at a fever­ish pace, elim­i­nat­ing much of the unnec­es­sary human toil.
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