Tag: SSH

  • Automatically Check RSYNC and Restart if Stopped

    I occasionally use RSYNC to synchronize large directories of files between servers. This is especially useful if you’re moving a client from one server to another and they have alot of static files that are always changing. You can copy the files and sync them up, all with RSYNC and if your connection gets cut […]

  • Appending to a Remote File via SSH

    Most LINUX users know how to copy and overwrite a file from one server to another; but it can also be useful to directly append to a file, without having to login to the remote server and make the changes manually. This does not appear to be possible with the commonly used SCP utility; however, […]

  • Tunneling Through a Remote Firewall Using SSH Commands

    If you’re dealing with systems behind a firewall it’s almost inevitable that you will need to tunnel into those systems from time to time. ¬†Fortunately, there are some quick & easy commands to accomplish this. ¬†In this example, we are going to use a Mac OSX or linux-based system, to gain access to a web […]

  • SSH: DSA Key Issue: Unknown code krb5 195

    I was attempting to set up an SSH key between two servers, so I could automatically back up a file from one to the other. This is usually a fairly straightforward and routine procedure; but in this case I had some issues. When I got everything set-up, with the public key in the accepted_keys file […]

  • Restrict a Linux User’s Access: Only Allowing SCP/SFTP, no SSH

    The standard techniques for restricting a Linux user account, does not allow for file transfers to/from the user’s home directory. In my experience it is useful to have certain account types which are only allowed to upload/download files from their home directory; but not login and run shell commands. This is easy to do with […]