The Paradigm Shift to Accompany The Advent of Cheap Computing

Today, it came to my attention that a LINUX computer, priced between $25-35, is now available. This computer is called the Raspberry Pi.

It sure looks like computing is going to take on a whole new dimension in the coming years. No longer are there going to be significant financial barriers to acquisition, meaning they will be everywhere and clusters of extremely cheap computers will add yet another dimension to cloud computing.

I think this will mean that computer technical skills are going to eventually be synonymous to literacy. Surely computers and computing will continue to evolve at a feverish pace, eliminating much of the unnecessary human toil.

This means, those who aren’t willing to learn or adapt, may have a hard time in the future; perhaps relegated to an ever shrinking set of occupations, that require either basic dumb interaction with a computer or the few that are completely in the purview of human creativity.

Maybe we’ll one day have a society where writing a script to automate a task is as widely known and commonplace as knowing how to drive a car.

I can envision a society where we innovate and create instead of toil. If you can innovate a program or a machine to do your task, then you can create far more wealth and prosperity than you can by spending all of your time toiling and passing the hours away with menial tasks.

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