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  • The Paradigm Shift to Accompany The Advent of Cheap Computing

    Today, it came to my attention that a LINUX computer, priced between $25-35, is now available. This computer is called the Raspberry Pi. It sure looks like computing is going to take on a whole new dimension in the coming years. No longer are there going to be significant financial barriers to acquisition, meaning they […]

  • When a List of Files is Too Long for a Typical “rm” Command

    I was on a client’s reporting server and noticed that an “ls” of their report logs took about 10 minutes. The directory had a log for every report run since June 2010, which is around 1.3 million files! Here’s a transcript of the error: [root@morpheus log]# pwd /home/morpheus/tools/birt-runtime-2_0_1/Report Engine/log You have new mail in /var/spool/mail/root […]

  • How To Execute a Script After a Running Process Completes

    Most people who are familiar with Linux, realize that there are ways of chaining processes to run one after another. Typically this is done by writing a script, or using && to daisy chain additional commands on command line. There is, however, another way to do this; if you’ve already issued a command and want […]

  • Restrict a Linux User’s Access: Only Allowing SCP/SFTP, no SSH

    The standard techniques for restricting a Linux user account, does not allow for file transfers to/from the user’s home directory. In my experience it is useful to have certain account types which are only allowed to upload/download files from their home directory; but not login and run shell commands. This is easy to do with […]